Released (album)

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releasedcdcaseA COMPILATION ALBUM of redfmusic tracks featuring various artists. Listen to samples:below

Be Mine Tonight – Suzanne Taylor
Brand New Day – Fredrick John Pugsley (bio)
Down On My Knees – Jason Eustice
Gonna Pack My Bags (And My Cowboy Boots) – Jason Eustice
I Need To Touch – Suzanne Taylor
I Want To Break Your Heart – Melissa Duvall
I’m Just Mad (About You Baby) – Trena (bio)
In Too Deep – Fredrick John Pugsley
It’s All Over – Suzanne Taylor
Judgement Day – Alan Johnson
Lazy Love – Helen Sheppard (bio)
Let Me Love You Again – Judi Hedger
Life (Is Just Another Day) – Fredrick John Pugsley
Pick Up The Phone – Alan Johnson
Shiny Shoes – Fredrick John Pugsley
Take Me (Hold Me In Your Arms) – Judi Hedger
Tears That Fall Like Rain – Suzanne Taylor
Tell Me (That You Love Me) – Trena
You Know (That I Love You) – Jason Eustice
You’re My Lady – Steve Cartledge
Waste A Little Time – Fredrick John Pugsley
Dark Light Falling – Fredrick John Pugsley
Hypnotick – Fredrick John Pugsley


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