Pop In Out soon

popinoutcdcaseTO BE RELEASED SOON is Frederick John Pugsley‘s latest album, Pop In Out.
LISTEN to a sample track: All Of Our Sins

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Frederick John Pugsley:
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new album & podcast

NEW ALBUM – listen to tasters from Helen’s latest album HERE

nothingeworldcdcaseHelen Sheppard is one of the UK’s greatest singers. Formally signed to Sony Music and Warner Brothers she is now signed to redfmusic. Her latest album Nothing In This World is an amazing mix of atmospheric, ambient hypnotic pop songs.
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• videos of two tracks from the new album are here


trena_rivierafm_20150616TRENA MARIE recent interview with DJ Jackson Cooper on Riviera FM (see previous post for details) is now on SoundCloud:

Rock My Body (One More Time) is now available to buy as a track on Trena Marie’s new album It’s Just Love

listen to Trena Marie’s Riviera FM podcast


PODCAST of Trena Marie live interview with Riviera FM‘s DJ Jackson Cooper on 16th June 2015. Features Trena’s single Rock My Body (One More Time) plus two new songs.
click the image to listen to the podcast (whilst you explore the rest of this site!)
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